Witolda Łokuciewskiego street

Witolda Łokuciewskiego street
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Witolda Łokuciewskiego street

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When he graduated from the School of Eaglets in London, he was assigned to Fighter Squadron 112 of Air Force Regiment 1 in Warsaw. As a member of Brygada Pościgowa (Pursuit Brigade) created shortly before the start of World War II he defended Warsaw during German invasion in September 1939. In March 1942 during an operation covering Boston bombers he took part in an aerial battle over France. As a result of a confrontation with a German fighter Messerschmitt Bf 109 his plane was shot down. He was wounded in his leg and had to carry out an emergency landing on a field. He was captured and taken prisoner. He was imprisoned in the POW camp for the aviators of allied forces in Żagań. Together with a group of 25 inmates he escaped from the camp in August 1943. However, he was captured just a few hours later in Legnica and imprisoned in the camp for the second time. He participated in the preparations for the famous “great escape”, which took place at the night of March 24/25, 1944. However, Łokuciewski didn’t manage to escape from the camp due to his distant order number. German guards discovered the tunnel made by prisoners

and stopped some of them from escaping. Łokuciewski remainded in captivity until in April 1945. He returned to England. In February 1946 he took command of Kościuszko’s Fighter Sguadron 303. He served as the commander of the squadron till the moment when the unit was disbanded in November 1946.

Colonel pilot of the Polish Army, Squadron Leader of the British Royal Air Forces RAF, fighter ace in World War II — Witold Łokuciewski died on April 17, 1990. He was buried at the Military Cemetery in Powązki.

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