Warsaw Aviation Seniors’ Club

17 Stycznia street 39


17 Stycznia street 39

The association called Warszawski Klub Seniorów Lotnictwa (Warsaw Aviation Seniors’ Club) is the successor of the Aviation Seniors’ Club of the Flying Club of the Republic of Poland established in April 1939.

Among the main tasks carried out by the association for the benefit of aviation is consolidation of the aviation circles, cultivating the traditions of Polish aviation, as well as looking after historical objects and places associated with aviation. On the basis of these targets regular meetings of Club members are held. The members of WKSL take part in aviation events and take all possible measures aimed at preserving the awareness of the achievements of Polish aviation among future generations by looking after historical locations of Polish wings and the graves of aviators.

Over the years almost 1000 people associated with aviation through work, or service have worked for WKSL. One of the presidents of the Club was duke Janusz Radziwiłł (first president in the interwar period). The first after-war president of the organization was test pilot from DWL-RWD and a sports pilot, Kazimierz Chorzewski. The current president of the Club is Jerzy Madler, an experienced academic teacher at the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology. Among the most distinguished members of Warsaw Seniors’ Aviation Club there are people who provided indelible contribution to the history of Polish aviation. Among them there are: profesor Jan Oderfeld (inventor), Bronisław Żurakowski (constructor), colonel pilot Włodzimierz Gedymin (fighter and test pilot, participated in the war with Germany in September 1939), Jadwiga Piłsudska-Jaraczewska (Polish aviator of ATA RAF), Kazimierz Leski (pilot, Home Army intelligence officer).

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