Trzech Diamentów (Three Diamonds) street



Trzech Diamentów (Three Diamonds) street

The name „Three Diamonds” is used to refer to a badge of gliding mastery, which constitutes the top supplement to the gliders’ Gold Badge. FAI gliding badge (World Air Sports Federation) is an international civilian distinction awarded to gliders for achievements in gliding sports. On the badge there are three white glider seagulls on a blue background, surrounded by a wreath of the proper colour. The badge is awarded, depending on the achievement, in three categories.

FAI also awards other distinctions in form of additional badges, or diplomas for, among others, covering the distance of 1000km, 1250km, 1500km etc. For exceptional achievements and merits in the area of gliding FAI awards the most important distinction — Lilienthal Medal. The first pilot in history to receive this most important award in aviation was a Polish pilot — Tadeusz Góra. He received the medal for exceeding the threshold of 500 kilometres in free flight, as the first pilot in the world. In 1950 Tadeusz Góra received Gold Badge with Three Diamonds (full set of gliding diamonds). He was the first Pole in history and the second pilot in the world to receive this honourable distinction.

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