The grave of Stanisław Rogalski

Powązki Military Cemetery, Plot: A21 Row: IV Grave: 6
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Powązki Military Cemetery, Plot: A21 Row: IV Grave: 6

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Plot: A21 Row: IV Grave: 6

Stanisław Rogalski (1904–1976) military pilot, engineer, aircraft designer and co-founder of the engineers’ team RWD. Lecturer of Warsaw University of Technology and Universities in Erie and Princeton in the United States.

Stanisław Rogalski was awarded the diploma of a mechanic engineer of Warsaw University of Technology in 1929. A year later, together with Jerzy Drzewiecki, Stanisław Wigura and Jerzy Wędrychowski, he established a partnership called Doświadczalne Warsztaty Lotnicze (Experimental Aviation Workshop).

Until the start of World War II the workshops built 23 types of RWD airplanes. Some of them, like RWD-2 and RWD-4 models took part in the International Touring Competition in 1930. On his RWD-5 Stanisław Skarżyński flew over the Atlantic Ocean and Franciszek Żwirko together with Stanisław Wigura won International Tourist Plane Competition in RWD-5 bis airplane in 1932. Two years later in the same competition Jerzy Bajan and Gustaw Pokrzywka claimed the first place flying the RWD-9 airplane.

In the United States he also worked as an academic lecturer. In the years 1954–1968 he used to give lectures on applied aerodynamics at the Erie and Princeton universities.

After retiring he cooperated with, among others, Space Research Centre NASA. His extensive knowledge and experience were used for designing technical solutions for a moon vehicle under the Apollo programme. The goal of the programme was the first landing of man on the Moon. He died on February 6, 1976 in Huntington

(USA). The ashes of Stanisław Rogalski were brought to Poland and buried at the Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw.

february, 2021

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