The grave of Mieczysław Pawlikowski

Military Cemetery in Powązki, Plot: D12 Row: II Grave: 2
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Military Cemetery in Powązki, Plot: D12 Row: II Grave: 2

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Plot: D12 Row: II Grave: 2


Mieczysław Pawlikowski was born on January 9, 1920 in Żytomierz. In 1937 after completing a glider course he received “A” and “B” class pilot certificates. In November 1939, together with two colleagues, he managed to get to France through Slovakia and Hungary. In France he joined air forces at the Lyon- Bron airbase as a volunteer. Due to emerging difficulties associated with forming Polish air forces on the territory of France, he went to England in March 1940. In June 1942 he started a training for bombardiers. Afterwards he was assigned to the Blackpool base.

As a bombardier Mieczysław Pawlikowski carried out a total of 29 combat flights dropping weapons, medicine and secret agents into occupied countries. In the summer of 1943 his airplane was attacked by battleships. Following an emergency landing on the territory of France, the crew managed to escape from the territory of occupied France to Gibraltar, through Spain, thanks to help from local resistance forces. Three months after the emergency landing in France he returned from Gibraltar to England. He returned to flying for a short time in February 1945.

In May 1945 on his own request he left Polish Air Forces as a Polish sergeant and British Warrant Officer. He was awarded the Cross of Valour twice for his service.

Mieczysław Pawlikowski wrote about his wartime experiences in his book titled Siedmiu z Halifaxa J (Seven from Halifax J).

This is what Pawlikowski wrote about his and his colleagues’ service in his book:

[…] when German bombs started falling on London, Polish fighter pilots bravely defended the English sky. When the time came to carry out bombing raids on Germany, also this time our contribution went beyond our powers. Among the English there was a growing awe for Poles – our ranks were shrinking, while the number of graves at the Newark cemetery, in the English Channel, in Europe, Africa, in the Pacific, North Sea, Atlantic… was growing dramatically.

There are values that cannot be measured with gold. […]

Mieczysław Pawlikowski died in Warsaw on December 23, 1978 at the age of 58.

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