The grave of Leszek Dulęba

Stare Powązki Cemetery, Plot: 26 Row: IV Grave: 15


Stare Powązki Cemetery, Plot: 26 Row: IV Grave: 15

Plot: 26 Row: IV Grave: 15

In October 1932 he started working at Doświadczalne Warsztaty Lotnicze (Experimental Aircraft Workshops), where after the tragic death of Stanisław Wigura he took over the calculation department. He devoted his attention to aircraft design. The RWD-13 airplane built in 1934 was also partially his achievement. In the years 1937–1938 in cooperation with engineer Tadeusz Chyliński he worked on a two-engine business plane RWD-18. At that time the plane had many innovative solutions such as: undercarriage with front wheel, flaps started by means of vacuum generated by the engine, as well as convergent tail fins making it possible to control the airplane with only one engine running. It is necessary to remark here that the concept of such solutions appeared in the global aircraft industry only in the 1960’s. Another project in which Leszek Dulęba participated was fighter plane RWD-25.

In February 1941 he went to Ankara. In Turkey he worked at the light aircraft factory THK. He participated in work on five prototypes: transport glider THK-1, aerobatic airplane THK-2, medical rescue airplane THK-5, passenger airplane THK-5A (THK-10) and tourist plane THK-11.

He returned to Poland in January 1947. He started working for the Central Aircraft Department. Under his leadership two aircraft were created: two-seated training-aerobatic airplane CDD011 and two-engine passenger airplane CSS-12. At the Institute of Aviation, together with professor Misztal he started work on a four-engine passenger plane MD-12. First prototype of MD-12 was first flown in July 1959. The second one equipped with a passenger cabin was first flown in January 1961. Trial flights on the route between Warsaw and Rzeszow demonstrated many advantages of the machine. In September 1963 the first prototype crashed. Despite numerous advantages the machine didn’t enter the stage of mass production.

When professor Franciszek Misztal retired, he took the position of the head of the Department of Airplanes and Helicopters. He was the first in Poland to research aircraft structures made of polymer composites and started cooperation with the aircraft industry in this area. He was the co-creator of the Institute of Aviation Technology and Hydro-Aerodynamics at the Faculty of Mechanics, Energy and Aviation.

Leszek Dulęba retired in 1977. He died on February 17, 1987.

Professor Leszek Dulęba contributed greatly to educating a few generation of aircraft builders.

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