The grave of Kazimierz Leski

Stare Powązki Cemetery, Plot: 24 Row: VI Grave:1
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Stare Powązki Cemetery, Plot: 24 Row: VI Grave:1

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Stare Powązki Cemetery, Plot: 24 Row: VI Grave:1

He served in the military, at Officer Cadets’ School of Aviation. At the initial stages of war in September 1939 he piloted flew PZL 23 “Karaś”. In the second half of September he started flying in “Lublin R XIIIF” observation airplanes. After the Soviet invasion of Poland, the Red Army

shot down the Lublin airplane piloted by Kazimierz Leski. After escaping from captivity he returned to Warsaw, where he joined Polish intelligence unit called “Muszkieterzy” (Musketeers), an organization regarded by historians as the most efficient intelligence unit in the whole occupied Europe. Over two years of its functioning the organization obtained a lot of precious information, including information about the displacement of German troops, the stationing of German battleships.

Right after the war he was arrested twice and later judged and sentenced to 12 years in prison. The official accusation was “cooperation with the occupying forces”. He spent 10 years in prison and was rehabilitated in 1957. He started working in the shipyard industry and later became an academic employee and the director of the Scientific Information Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences.

Kazimierz Leski died on May 27, 2000 in Warsaw.

february, 2021

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