The grave of Jan Nagórski

Cmentarz Północny (Northern Cemetery), Plot: E-IV-8, Row: 1, Grave: 2
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Cmentarz Północny (Northern Cemetery), Plot: E-IV-8, Row: 1, Grave: 2

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Jan Nagórski (1888–1976), or actually Alfons Jan Nagórski, also known as Iwan Nagurski, was born on February 8, 1888 in Włocławek. He studied at the Marine Engineering School in St.Petersburg. He became interested in aviation thanks to one of the first Russian pilots, navy lieutenant A. Lebiediev. In 1913 he completed his training at the Aviation school, as well as engineering studies and received the diploma of a marine engineer.

Taking advantage of his education in the areas of aviation and marine engineering he started work for the Head Hydrographic Management of the Ministry of Navy. At this time he started investigating the possibility of using airplanes for expeditions to the Arctic and started preparing for such an expedition.

On August 21, 22 and 25, as well as on September 12 and 13, 1914 Jan Nagórski carried out five long-distance Arctic flights. This way he became the first polar aviator in history. During World War I, on

September 17, 1916 he performed a loop — an aerobatic maneuver — on a hydroplane, as the first pilot in the world. He repeated his feat twice using , just as earlier, flying boat Grigorovich M-9.

Jan Nagórski wrote a few books: Pierwszy nad Arktyką (First over the Arctic), Nad płonącym Bałtykiem (Over the burning Baltic Sea), Pierwsze loty nad Arktyką (First flights over the Arctic).

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