The grave of Franciszek Janik

Wolski Cemetery, Wolska street 180/182


Wolski Cemetery, Wolska street 180/182

In the years 1920–1927 he studied at the Faculty of Mechanics of Lwow University of Technology. He worked at, among others, the Institute of Technical Studies in Aviation as the head of the department of airframes. He also worked for the Lublin Airplane Factory as the head of airframe commissioning. He also devoted time and attention to scientific work. In his scientific paper titled Wymagana wytrzymałość samolotu (Required airplane strength) from 1937 for the first time the term of „flight envelope” was introduced to Polish regulations (maneuver load curve). After World War II the term was introduced to international ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) regulations by the United States.

Franciszek Janik was engaged not just in professional work, but also in aviation sports. He was the first Polish pilot flying both gliders and airplanes (sport and military aircraft) as well as balloons. He was also a parachute jumper. As a competitor he took part in many aviation events both in Poland and abroad. He took part in the Gordon-Bennett Cup three times.

Franciszek Janik received numerous awards for his achievements in professional, scientificdidactic, or sports activity for the benefit of Polish aviation. World Air Sports Federation (FAI) recognized him with honourable diplomas: Montgolfier’s diploma and Paul Tissandier’s diploma.

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