The grave of Czesław Witoszyński

Stare Powązki Cemetery, Plot: 222 Row: I Grave: 18/19
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Stare Powązki Cemetery, Plot: 222 Row: I Grave: 18/19

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Plot: 222 Row: I Grave: 18/19

When Poland regained independence, he launched the first aviation studies in the country at the Faculty of Mechanics. Until the start of World War II he educated a big group of aircraft builders and professional personnel for the aircraft industry.

To satisfy the needs of the planned Institute of Aerodynamics in 1925 the decision was made — on the initiative of Czesław Witoszyński — to build the Aerodynamics Building of Warsaw University of Technology. In 1927–1939 the institute, founded and managed by Czesław Witoszyński, was the main research centre conducting works in the area of aerodynamics for the needs of Polish aviation industry.

march, 2021

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