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Szczepan Grzeszczyk (1901–1967) is called “the father” of Polish gliding. He was a pioneer and an initiator of the development of gliding in Poland. He set 10 national gliding records, including flight duration record — his flight lasted 7 hours 54 minutes. Moreover, he was the creator of gliding school in Bezmiechowa and the builder of numerous gliders (famous SG-3).

Szczepan Grzeszczyk built himself seven professional gliders. He also built one together with Antoni Kocjan. He received many distinctions for his activity in air sports. By 1939 he was the only pilot in Poland who had flown 121 types of gliders and airplanes built for various purposes. This long list of aircraft includes gliders, sports airplanes, military and transport airplanes produced both in Poland and abroad.

After the end of World War II Szczepan Grzeszczyk emigrated. First he went to Argentina, later he moved to the United States, where similarly as many other Polish engineers he started work for Piasecki Helicopter Co. in Morton, Pennsylvania. Polish engineers and specialists in aerodynamics working for the Americans provided a huge contribution to the creation of the first longitudinal utility aircraft such as: Piasecki PV-3 “Rescuer” (HRP-1, HRP-2), Piasecki PV-14 “Retriever” (HUP-1, HUP-2, HUP-3, HUP-4, H-25, “Army Mule”), Piasecki H-21 “Workhorse”, Piasecki PV-15 “Transporter” (YH-16, H-16) and many others. Moreover, Grzeszczyk was the creator of a helicopter mine-sweeping system, which was used to remove mines from the Suez Canal in 1968 and during the military operation in the Persian Gulf in 1991.

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