Stefana Drzewieckiego street



Stefana Drzewieckiego street

Stefan Drzewiecki (1844–1938), Polish inventor, pioneer of aviation and submarine designer. The creator of the modern theory of propeller. Graduate of École Centrale in Paris. Drzewiecki earned fame and recognition thanks to another invention — dromograph. The device automatically draws the path of a ship on a map. In Russia Stefan Drzewiecki focused all his attention on building submarines. In 1892 Stefan Drzewiecki moved to France. In France he worked out the theoretical basis for the flight of objects heavier than air, creating the foundations of contemporary aerodynamics. In the area of aviation he designed, among others, a self-stabilizing airplane Canard as well as a propeller with adjustable blades and devices stabilizing a plane during flight. On the initiative of Stefan Drzewiecki the first aerodynamic tunnels in France were built.

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