Stanisława Skarżyńskiego street



Stanisława Skarżyńskiego street

Stanisław Skarżyński (1899–1942) colonel pilot of the Polish Army, sports pilot, member of Warsaw Flying Club.

In 1931 together with lieutenant Andrzej Markiewicz he flew around Africa in PZL Ł.2 airplane, covering a distance of 25.770 kilometres. The route of the flight went from Warsaw, through Belgrade, Athens, Cairo, Khartoum, Kisumu, Abercon, Elisabethville, Luebo, Leopoldville, Lagos, Abidjan, Bamoko, Dakar, Port Etienne, Agadir, Villa Cisneros, Casablanca, Alicante and Paris.

On May 7, 1933 he took off from Saint Louis in Senegal on the western coast of Africa in a single-seater built in Poland — RWD-5bis — and flew to Maceio in Brazil. This way he became the first Pole to fly over the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the most remarkable facts associated with Skarżyński’s transatlantic flight is that he flew not in a flying suit, but in an ordinary suit.

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