Śmigłowca (Helicopter) street

Śmigłowca (Helicopter) street
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Śmigłowca (Helicopter) street

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The term helicopter is used to define an aerial ship which is heavier than air (aerodyne) and which generates aerodynamic lift thanks to the rotation of the rotor or rotors propelled by an engine (now often by two, or even three engines). The rotor consists of appropriately shaped blades attached to a head.

Leonardo da Vinci was a pioneer in the area of machines working in a similar way as helicopters.

However, what is regarded as the first helicopter flight is the feat of French bicycle producer Paul Cornu from November 13, 1907. The machine he built managed to float in the air at the altitude of about 1.5 meter for over a minute.

The first helicopter in the world which carried out a fully controlled flight was German helicopter built by Heinrich Focke — Focke-Wulf Fw 61. The first flight took place in 1936.

The first helicopter (also a German machine) which served in the military was a small two-seated observation and liaison aircraft Flettner Fl-282. A prototype of the helicopter was first flown in 1941.

Generally, Igor Sikorski, Russian engineer working in the United States is regarded as the creator of the helicopter. Vought-Sikorsky 300 aircraft designed by him in the years 1939–1941 was the first working helicopter with one lifting rotor and tail rotor, which solved the problem of reactive torque, that is, the force coming from the lifting rotor, which affects the fuselage of the helicopter.

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