Replica of the Liberator B-24J airplane in the Warsaw Rising Museum

Grzybowska street 79


Grzybowska street 79

B-24 bombers were used on all fronts during aerial battles of World War II. They also supported fighters in Warsaw during the Warsaw Uprising. This airplane was one of the most famous bombers of World War II. The United States donated almost 1.700 B-24 airplanes to Great Britain. First three bombers were given to Polish crews already in September 1943. The airplanes used to take off from the Campo Casale airport near Brindisi in Southern Italy. On July 4, 1943 general Władysław Sikorski died in a crash of an airplane of this kind.

In the years 1939–1945 19,256 B-24 bombers were built. In 1943 a new Liberator left the assembly lines every 63 minutes.

At Warsaw Rising Museum it is possible to see a 1:1 model of the legendary Liberator B-24J airplane. This is also the only such model in the world and the central element of the exhibition found in the Museum.

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