Propeller of Liberator 836 shot down over Warsaw in the time of Warsaw Uprising, the crossing of Długa street and Miodowa street

the crossing of Długa street and Miodowa street
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the crossing of Długa street and Miodowa street

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In this place on August 15, 1944 the whole 7-person crew of Liberator KG-836 (31st SAAF Division) died while bringing aid to fighters in Warsaw Uprising. The airplane circled above Miodowa street. The intentions of the crew are unknown, they probably wanted to land, or tried to put the airplane in a position that would allow the crew to jump out as safely as possible. They didn’t succeed. At the distance of about 100 metres from Krasiński Palace the airplane hit a chimney with its wing and crashed in Miodowa street. Due to ignition of the plane’s fuel tanks, surrounding buildings caught fire.

Drop zones for the Warsaw Uprising were located in two places: at Krasiński Square and Napoleon’s Square (currently the Square of Warsaw’s Insurgents). The reception of the drops was the duty of women and girls, who on that day were also waiting for a planned delivery at the Krasiński Square. After sunset, following arrangements, they would lie down on the ground forming a shape defined for a given day of drop, eg. a star, a cross and in this position, with flashlights in their hands, they waited for airplanes. It is speculated that if the Liberator KG-836 had flown another 100 metres, it would have hit the women waiting to receive the drop.

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