Płatowcowa (Airframe) street



Płatowcowa (Airframe) street

Airframe is nothing more than the whole structure of an aircraft apart from the engine and equipment.

The structure of the airframe of an airplane consists of the fuselage (sometimes in form of two independent fuselages, or fuselage beams), wings and a gondola for propelling units, undercarriage, steering gear and steering systems.

The first airframe with engine propulsion to take off from the ground was Flyer I airplane built

by Wright brothers in 1903.

On December 17, 1903, at 10:30 am at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, first engine-powered, heavier-than-air controlled flight in history took place. The first flight lasted 12 seconds and the plane flew on a distance of 120 feet. Orville Wright piloted the historic flight while his brother, Wilbur, observed. The brothers carried out three more flights that day, each flight lasting longer than the other with the final flight going a distance of 852 feet in 59 seconds.

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