Plaque commemorating pilots bringing aid to Warsaw during the Uprising, Krasiński Square

side wall of the Monument of Warsaw Uprising
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side wall of the Monument of Warsaw Uprising

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The basic goal of the flights was providing insurgents with arms, ammunition, food and medical supplies. Planes used to take off from the Campo Casale airport near Brindisi in the south of Italy.

On the basis of collected data it has been estimated that by the end of September 1944 allied air forces delivered almost 120 tons of food, 500 kilograms of medicine and weapons including mortars, anti-tank harquebuses, machine guns and pistols, as well as one 45mm gun. In total, 1,189 guns and 1,478 machine pistols were supplied. Moreover, airplanes taking off from bases in Great Britain and southern Italy dropped over 400 containers. On September 18, during the raid of B-17 bombers, American forces dropped 1,284 containers and the insurgents managed to capture just 228 of all the containers dropped by the Americans. Most flights with supplies for insurgents in Warsaw were carried out under very difficult conditions and many of them had a tragic ending. In Warsaw there are many places commemorating brave pilots and the list of the fallen is long.

november, 2020

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