Plaque commemorating Jerzy Bajan

Bajana street 26


Bajana street 26

Jerzy Bajan (1901–1967). His experience with aviation started in 1922, when despite initial problems of personal nature associated with his frail figure and poor health (at the beginning he found it hard to cope with changes of pressure). However, as a persevering and patient person he managed to overcome the obstacles. Thanks to strong resolve, as well as talent, he managed to make his dream of becoming a fighter pilot come true.

On the first day of German invasion in September 1939, during the bombardment of Dęblin he was badly injured by a bomb shard. As a result of the injury he lost full control over his left hand for the rest of his life. Despite disability of his hand he managed to actively participate in combat flights of the Fighter Division “Warszawski” 316.

The most common name of the list of Polish pilots in World War II is “Lista Bajana” (Bajan’s List). The document was signed by Jerzy Bajan in March 1946 when he served as a liaison officer at the Headquarters of the Command of Fighter Aviation of RAF. The list is the only official document presenting the victories of Polish fighter pilots.

The list drawn up based on British examples divides fighter pilots’ achievements into confirmed enemy plane kills, likely enemy plane kills and damaged enemy planes. Pilots’ results are the total of full and partial victories in aerial battles (in a situation where a pilot shot down an enemy plane together with three other pilots, he received 1/3 enemy plane kill). The list of Polish fighter aces from the period of World War II contains 42 names. Only pilots with a total of confirmed (full, or partial) enemy plane kills of at least 5.

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