Museum of Polish Army — Museum of Polish Military Technology

Powsińska street 13


Powsińska street 13

Museum of Polish Military Technology is a department of the Museum of Polish Army located on the grounds of 19th century Czerniakowski Fort.

The permanent exhibition concerning aviation equipment includes the following: equipment of air forces and anti-aircraft defense – missiles, anti-aircraft weapons, airplanes, radar equipment. At the exhibition you can see, among others, tanks, cannons, and such airplanes as: Polish Lim-2, Lim-5, Lim-6bis, Soviet: An-2, MiG-23 , Su-20 as well as fragments of American airplanes B-17 and B-24 and many others.

Moreover, in the museum you can find a comprehensive exhibition titled „Polish military aviation from 1917 till present time.” The exhibition includes a few hundred historical items depicting the beginning of Polish military aviation in the 1917–1920 period and the aviation of Poland in the interwar period, Polish aviation during German invasion in 1939, Polish Air Forces in the West and on the eastern front, finally it shows Polish aviation after World War II utill the current day.

The fort where the Museum is located served as a fortress for Polish soldiers in September 1939. The defenders of the fort belonged to companies of volunteers and a company of the second battalion of the infantry regiment 360. At the end of September the fort was taken over by Germans. 20 defenders died in the ruins of the fort. The winner of a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles — Janusz Kusociński — participated in the battle and was wounded (an obelisk located on the premises of the museum commemorates this fact).

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