Monument to Polish Aviators Fallen in 1939–1945

Pole Mokotowskie


Pole Mokotowskie

Monument honouring Polish aviators fallen in 1939–1945 is located on the edge of Pole Mokotowskie (Mokotowskie field), a place which wrote an important chapter in the history of Polish aviation.

The monument was built on the initiative of the Association of Polish Aviators in Great Britain gathering also Polish aviators from the United States, Canada, Australia, Argentina. The monument was designed by Marek and Tadeusz Dziewulski.

The monument commemorates 2.100 Polish aviators who died in combat during World War II. Out of this number up to 400 don’t have graves and the remains of others are buried in 250 cemeteries scattered around whole Europe. On the granite, arc-shaped wall the names of fallen aviators are engraved. There you can also find a Pericles quote: „Wolność należy do tych którzy mają odwagę jej bronić” (Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it).

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