Monument honoring the courageous crew of Liberator EW 105 „G”

Chopin Airport in Warsaw


Chopin Airport in Warsaw

Late at night on August 13, 1944 20 Liberator planes and 4 Halifax planes took off from the Campo Casale airport near Brindisi in Southern Italy. Each of the crews received a map of Warsaw in 1:25000 scale, on which the two main zones for the reception of drops for insurgents in Warsaw were marked. The zones were Krasiński square and Napoleona square (currently Powstańców Warszawy square). The crews were ordered to carry out the drops at all costs, even at the cost of sacrificing their airplanes. The supplies were dropped over the required area, just as ordered. However, 3 Liberators didn’t come back to their base. Among them was B-24 Liberator VI from Squadron 31 of South-African Air Forces SAAF. While dropping the supplies, the airplane was hit by German anti-aircraft artillery. The plane started burning and carried out an emergency landing on the grounds of Okęcie airport. Wounded members of the crew were taken into German captivity.


Text of an inscription on the plaque placed on the monument:

At night of August 13/14, 1944, Liberator EW 105 „G” from Bomber Squadron of SAAF was shot over Warsaw while it was delivering supplies to the Insurgents. The burning plane landed in the area of Okęcie airport. Wounded members of the crew were taken into German captivity. Lt. Pil. R.R. Klette Lt. PIL. A.E. Faul Lt. Nav. B.D. Jones WO/WO L E.D. Winchester WO/AG H.R. Upton WO/AG H.J. Brown (missing) WO/AG T.G. Davis RAF

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