Monument commemorating the crash of a sailplane and the death of sailplane’s pilot

Magiera street


Magiera street

At Magiera street between buildings number 15 and 17 there is a stone with a commemorative plaque. The monument commemorates the tragic death of pilot Wojciech Malec, who crashed and died in this location on July 9, 1993 as a result of his glider’s malfunction. The pilot was just 26 at that time. The glider hit one of the buildings in Warsaw’s Chomiczówka district.

Wojciech Malec was a pilot of Warsaw Flying Club, who had received two diamonds, or the most valuable awards for achievements in gliding from World Air Sports Federation. Wojciech Malec received one of them on June 8, 1993, or just a month before the tragic accident, for flying on a distance of 510 kilometres.

On the plaque the following epitaph can be found: …one of those who have experienced the inconceivable love of flying, which you can risk your life for.

Composer and singer Sidney Polak commemorated Wojciech Malec in his song titled Chomiczówka. Also, poet Anna Magdalena Mróz dedicated to the deceased aviator a book of poems titled Trzeci diament (Third diamond).

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