Monument commemorating Baza Lotnicza „Łużyce”

crossing of 17 Stycznia street with Żwirki i Wigury avenue


crossing of 17 Stycznia street with Żwirki i Wigury avenue

The monument was unveiled on November 9, 1997 and it simultaneously serves the role of a shrine of Our Lady of Loreto, who is the patron of aviators. The monument commemorates soldiers from the special unit named Baza Lotnicza (Aviation Base) „Łużyce” established in 1942 by the Air Force Department of the Home Army.

On August 1, 1944 three companies and assault-protection platoon together with Home Army’s infantry regiment 7 „Garłuch” took part in the battle aimed at recovering Okęcie airport. After the failure of the mission, soldiers from the Aviation Base joined the „Kampinos” group of the Home Army and accompanied it in all its combat activities. Companies 4 and 5 fought together as (Aviation company IV „Jura”) in the „Zaremba” group until the end of the Uprising. „Gocławek” platoon took part in an attack on Bielany airport and later fought on the territory of Żoliborz district until the end of the Uprising. After the end of World War II many soldiers of Baza Lotnicza „Łużyce” were persecuted by the communist authorities. In 1952 as a result of false accusations of spying and plotting against the communist authorities the commander of the department of air forces of the Home Army, colonel pilot Bernard Adamecki was executed at the Mokotów prison.

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