Monument commemorating Air Force Regiment 103 of NJW MSW

Warszawa-Babice airport


Warszawa-Babice airport

The solemn unveiling of the monument took place in May 2014. The monument was created to commemorate Air Force Regiment 103 of Nadwiślańskie Military Units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (NJW MSW).

Among the main duties of the Regiment there were: air support for public security services, border guard service and the security of the state. Moreover, the Regiment used to carry out various tasks for the economy of the country, like the installation of an antenna on the spire of the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. The unit also provided support abroad during fires in Spain and on Corsica. It was also thanks to the Regiment that the first coverage of the Peace Race from a helicopter was broadcast. Moreover, the Regiment took part in rescue missions during two great floods in Poland — in 1979 and 1997.

Nadwiślańskie Military Units were disbanded in 2002 and their duties were taken over by the Government Security Bureau.

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