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Mokotowskie Field
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Mokotowskie Field

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On the grounds of Pole Mokotowskie (Mokotowskie Field) the first airport on the current territory of Poland was located already before World War I. The airport, which doesn’t exist any more, functioned in this location from 1910 to 1939.

In 1910 Aviation Society “Aviata” started operating on the airport. It was also there that the first airplane flights in Poland took place.

In 1920 Mokotów airport started handling regular passenger flights, also on international routes to Athens, Beirut, Bucharest, or Helsinki. Moreover, national and international airplane and balloon competitions were held there. At the airport pilots were trained, big air shows were held, new records were set.

In 1927 on the grounds of the airport the Academic Flying Club of Warsaw was formed.

After the war Mokotów field served as an aiport only temporarily. Eventually, it was closed in 1947.

Now, on the grounds of the former airport residential buildings and a park called “Pole Mokotowskie” are located. In the eastern part of the park you can find an obelisk commemorating the history of the place.

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