Mi-2 helicopter

On the roof of a building at Kazimierza Sosnkowskiego street
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On the roof of a building at Kazimierza Sosnkowskiego street

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Mi-2 is a multi-purpose helicopter with a three-blade main rotor, duralumin, half-shell structure designed by the Soviet design bureau of Mikhail Mil. The helicopter was produced only by PZL factory in Świdnik. This was the only Soviet helicopter produced outside the Soviet Union.

Nowadays the helicopter doesn’t comply with the standards of air medical rescue due to excessive empty weight, insufficient power of the powertrain, high fuel consumption, inability to conduct IFR flights (IFR flight means a flight conducted according to the regulations for flights based on instrument readings), high level of noise in cabin and low altitude of hovering without the influence of ground.

In 1981 Mi-2 helicopter was used in a James Bond movie. In the ending scene of Tylko dla twoich oczu (For your eyes only) Soviet general Gogol (played by Walter Gotell) comes to a meeting with Bond (here played by Roger Moore) in a Mi-2 helicopter. The helicopter was brought from Warsaw and on its fuselage there is a clearly visible logo of “PZL Świdnik”.

march, 2021

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