Ludwika Idzikowskiego street



Ludwika Idzikowskiego street

Ludwik Idzikowski (1891–1929), major pilot of the Polish Army. Together with Kazimierz Kubala he

made two attempts to fly over the Atlantic Ocean in Amiot 123 airplane (in 1928 and 1929).

The idea of flying over the Atlantic Ocean came from the experiences that Idzikowski gained from testing aircraft purchased by Poland. However, he wanted to fly over the Atlantic in the opposite direction than his predecessors, that is, to the West. All previous attempts to fly upwind failed.

The first attempt took place on August 3, 1928. Poles took off from an airport near Paris. After covering a distance of 5,200 kilometres the crew noticed that the level of oil was dropping. In this situation they decided to turn back.

The next attempt was scheduled for July 13, 1929. The flight started also at the La Bourget airport near Paris. As after a distance of 2.140 kilometres the plane’s engine started working erratically, the pilots decided to land on the rocky Graciosa island. During the emergency landing on a field the airplane crashed into an unseen stone embankment and flipped over. The airplane burned up. Ludwik Idzikowski died in the disaster and Kazimierz Kubala sustained minor injuries. Later it turned out that the cause of engine malfunction was damage to the reducer bearing.

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