LiM-5 airplane

Żwirki i Wigury avenue (on the premises of a military base)


Żwirki i Wigury avenue (on the premises of a military base)

Lim-5 (stands for licencyjny myśliwiec — licensed fighter) is a light, Polish strike-fighter plane designed on the basis of the Soviet fighter jet MiG-17F, produced in WSK Mielec factory.

This aircraft was the basic airplane of its kind for air force fleets of countries of the Warsaw Pact. The first Lim airplane left the assembly line in Mielec on November 28, 1956. What distinguished Lim-5 from the previously produced model was its silhouette and the fact that unlike its predecessor, Lim-5 had radio range finder cooperating with the aiming mechanism. The application of these elements made it possible to take into consideration missile ballistics and fire accuracy. In the Lim-5 airplane, an engine produced under license in WSK factory in Rzeszów was used.

Over three years since the start of production, 477 Lim-5 airplanes in 19 series were produced. At that time most of the fighter airplanes acquired by Polish air forces were Lim-5.

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