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The Institute of Aviation is one of the oldest research institutes in Europe. It was officially established in 1926, although its roots date back to 1918.

The Institute initially operated as the Technical Research Institute of Aviation. At first, the role of the Institute was to test and certify the aircraft and aeronautical products of the Polish aviation industry. Before the Second World War, all Polish aircraft were designed or tested at the Institute. In the twenty years of the interwar period, over 100 military and civilian aircraft and sailplanes were tested at the Institute.

After the Second World War, efforts were made to reinstate the research base and resume the operations and activity of the Institute. At the end of the 1940s and beginning of the 1950s, the Institute started to cooperate with the Polish aviation industry. In the initial stage of its renewed activity, pulsed and reamjet engines were developed at the Institute and works were begun on the SP-GIL helicopter. Approval tests of the “Szpak 2” aircraft and “Sęp”, the first post-war glider were also conducted at the Institute. In 1948, the Institute was renamed to the General Institute of Aviation, and in 1952 it was given the title of the Institute of Aviation, used until today. The main constructor at the time was the great designer and outstanding visionary, Professor Tadeusz Sołtyk. The design office headed by the professor developed aircraft like the TS-8 Bies trainer, the TS-11 Iskra and the TS-16 Grot supersonic strike aircraft. The first Polish light multitask helicopter, the BŻ-4Żuk, was also designed at the Institute. In the decades which followed, aircraft and helicopter testing was continued. Research work on engines, including the first Polish SO-1 turbo jet engine, was also started at the Institute in 1956. Rocketry research, which also included work on the Meteor sounding rocket, was conducted in 1955–1979.

Today, the Institute of Aviation belongs to one of the most cutting-edge research facilities in Poland and the world. It provides the highest quality research services, delivering state-of-the-art. solutions to contemporary problems in the aviation sector.

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