Gordon-Bennett street

James Gordon Bennett street


James Gordon Bennett street

James Gordon Bennett (1841–1918), American journalist and press publisher, pioneer of aviation sports, initiator of international ballooning competition organized from 1906. Polish team has won the Gordon Bennett Cup held since 1906 five times, in: 1933, 1934, 1935, 1938 and 1983. After the third triumph in this prestigious competition in a row, in 1935, Poland was allowed to keep the Cup.

The first Gordon Bennett Cup competition was held in Paris. Every subsequent competition was held in the country whose team won the previous competition.  As Poland won the competition in 1938, the next competition was supposed to be held in Poland. The event was supposed to take place in Lwów on September 1939, but the start of World War II made this impossible. The reinstatement of Gordon Bennett Cup came only after 45 years. In 1983, similarly as the first competition, the event was held in Paris and the Cup was won by Poles: Stefan Makné and Ireneusz Cieślak. The Cup was solemnly handed over by the winner of the trophy from 1938 — Antoni Janusz.


The Polish winners of the Cup are: Franciszek Hynek in 1933 in Chicago, Franciszek Hynek and Zbigniew Burzyński in 1934 in Warsaw, Zbigniew Burzyński, Władysław Wysocki in 1935, also in Warsaw. Antoni Janusz and Franciszek Janik in 1938 in Liege. Last time — Stefan Makné, Ireneusz Cieślak in 1983 in Paris.

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