In the 1930’s there were plans to build a transport airport in the area of Gocław. However, due to the planned transfer of Warsaw Flying Club from the Mokotów airport the decision was made to build a sports-leisure airport in this area.

The time when the airport of Warsaw Flying Club was located in Gocław was also the best time in the history of the Club. This is where new national and international records were set. In Gocław many of the most prominent aviators developed their passions. Among them was glider pilot Pelagia Majewska. She set 21 national and 17 world records. She was the second woman in the world to get the most important glider award, namely, Lilienthal’s medal. She was also the second person in Poland (after Tadeusz Góra) and third woman in the world to win the Gold Badge with three diamonds.

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