Czesława Tańskiego street



Czesława Tańskiego street

Czesław Tański (1861 or 1862–1942) — artist, painter, pioneer of aviation in Poland.

As a small boy he started his experience with Aviation jumping down with wings made of sticks and turkey feathers.

At the end of 1893 and the beginning of 1894 he built a monoplane with rubber propulsion, which could fly correctly, make a correct circle. Many structural elements of the model were innovative in character.

In 1894 with the help of a local carpenter Tański started building a glider of his own design weighing almost 20 kilograms. It was a glider — ornithopter called „Lotnia”. In the following years the construction of „Łątka” airplane, finished in the autumn of 1911, consumed him completely. The aircraft resembled Bleriot’s airplanes in appearance, but had certain design flaws, including excessive weight.

Nevertheless, the variable wing angle made this model a really innovative concept.

For 50 years Polish Flying Club has been awarding the Medal of Czesław Tański for outstanding achievements in gliding.

The Flying Championships of Poland held in 1981 and 1982 carried his name.

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