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Our Lady of Loreto church was designed by architect Waldemar Siwek and built in the years 1979–1987. The church is located on the grounds of a wooden chapel built in 1934, which belonged to St. Catherine’s parish in Warsaw’s district of Służew. The ground for the construction of the first church was donated by the landed gentry family Bagniewski from Okęcie. Many groups, including representatives of the military, aviation industry and inhabitants, got involved in the construction of the church.

Close to the church you can find a monument devoted to “Fallen aviators fighting for free Poland”. Our Lady of Loreto, who is the patron of the church is also worshipped by aviators and is their patron.

In 1920 Italian aviators asked Benedict XV, the pope at that time, to officially name Our Lady of Loreto the patron saint of aviators. Since that time all aviators pray for her protection. During his solitary flight over the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 Charles Lindbergh had with him a picture of Our Lady of Loreto. The crew of Apollo 9 took on its mission a medallion with an engraved image of the patron. Louis Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, went to Loreto in Italy before his historical journey to pray for the success of his mission. After coming back from the mission, to thank for successful journey, he donated a piece of rock from the moon to the sanctuary in Loreto.

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