Bazy Lotniczej „Łużyce” Square

Square at Żwirki i Wigury avenue


Square at Żwirki i Wigury avenue

As a result of actions taken by the command of the Home Army aimed at assigning specialists in particular arms to specially formed regiments, Baza Lotnicza (Aviation Base) „Łużyce” Warszawa was formed as the continuation of Air Force Regiment 1.

Among the main tasks of the unit was merging independently functioning air force groups, working out plans for capturing and launching aviation facilities located around Warsaw, establishing secret cadre of the air force regiment, training technical personnel in the area of aviation service, intelligence activities, as well as sabotage at airports and aviation industry facilities.

The first commander of the unit was colonel pilot Zenon Romanowski nicknamed „Bończa”. Colonel pilot engineer Jerzy Witkowski, nicknamed „Wojciech” was responsible for training. In the autumn of 1943 Franciszek Hynek, nicknamed „Łopian” took command of the unit. When Hynek was arrested and imprisoned in Gross Rosen and Belsen Bergen camps, colonel pilot Jan Biały nicknamed „Kadłub”, flown to Poland from England, became the commander of the unit.

In the period from 1942 to 1944 the unit had 5 companies; communication platoon, sanitary platoon, assault-defense platoon „Lawy”, „Gocławek” platoon, as well as a separate group of flying personnel and its final goal was to man and operate all airports in Warsaw.

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