Awionetki RWD street



Awionetki RWD street

RWD was a series of airplanes designed in the interwar period. The plane owes its name to first letters of the names of its constructors: engineer Stanisław Rogalski, Stanisław Wigura and Jerzy Drzewiecki. After the death of Stanisław Wigura, Leszek Dulęba joined the constructor team.

Airplanes from the RWD series became famous on May 8, 1933 when colonel pilot Stanisław Skarżyński crossed the South Atlantic and reached Maceio and later Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires in the tiny RWD-5 airplane weighing less than 450 kilograms. This way he set a new record which has never been beaten. It was in RWD-6 airplane that Franciszek Żwirko and Stanisław Wigura won the Challenge competition in 1932. At the last Challenge competition in 1934 Poles took the first two places in RWD-9. Jerzy Bajan won and Stanisław Płonczyński placed second.

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