Association of Polish Aviators

11 Listopada street 17/19


11 Listopada street 17/19

The beginnings of the Association of Polish Aviators date back to the end of World War II when Polish aviators fighting in Polish Air Forces in the West, stationed in Great Britain, established an association

under this name. Also aviators from other parts of the world — from the united States to Australia — joined the association. Over time, due to dropping number and activity of aviators in the association the decision was made to disband the organization. Next, Foundation of the Association of Polish Aviators managing the remaining resources of the organization was formed.

The main goal assumed by the reactivated Association is strengthening the awareness of future generations of Poles of the history, tradition and knowledge concerning symbols referring to the glorious history of Polish Aviation as well as strengthening the memory of places where battles were fought by Polish aviators.

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