Air Medical Emergency Service, base in Bemowo

Księżycowa street 5


Księżycowa street 5

First successful attempts to use aviation in order to save lives were made in Poland already in the interwar period. The crews and aircraft from flying clubs operating at that time and air force units were used for this purpose. However, what is regarded as the real beginning of air rescue service in Poland is the establishment of air rescue unit by the minister of health in 1955.

The unit was organized by an outstanding pilot and during World War II a soldier of the Home Army and a participant of the Warsaw Uprising — Tadeusz Więckowski (1916–1969).

In the whole country 15 Air Rescue teams and a Central Air Rescue Team in Warsaw were formed. The main duties of the institution were: transporting patients, medical supplies, blood and vaccines, as well as medical equipment.

Currently, the unit includes 17 regional permanent HEMS bases and one temporary base in Koszalin, as well as two transport teams.

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