Dear Walkers,

book-mockupthis website was created based on the three-volume book titled “Aviation walk around Warsaw” which part of you know it. This book is a story about people, places and events that make dreams come true. It is part guide book and part account of the aviation history of Warsaw. It is a powerful narrative dedicated to the Polish history of aviation, to the people that created and continue to create it to this day and are still an active part of this history.

Both the three-volume historical guide as well as the website presents nearly 150 places in Warsaw that are connected with Polish and worldwide aviation. Some of them are monuments, others battle sites, places of death or … birth. Other still, due to their very name, perpetuate the memory of outstanding people or their works. Many of the presented content and photographs are premiered in this Guide.

The Guide is divided into three volumes, each containing sites that are worth visiting in given districts of Warsaw. Each district also has its own map to help plan sightseeing trips.

The book and its virtual supplement are an invitation to wander around a city that still harbours many mysteries and is a real treasure trove of interesting places to visit.

I hope that both Guide and website will become an attractive proposal not only for the inhabitants of Warsaw but also for visiting tourists from Poland and abroad wanting to go off the beaten track. I am deeply convinced that both proposals will be a gold mine of interesting information for its readers that will enable them to discover Warsaw from a completely different perspective.

The Guide is available in the e-shop of the Institute of Aviation Publishing Houses.

I wish you some interesting experiences and see you on the aviation Warsaw routes!

Witold Świeczak

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ISBN volume 1: 978-83-63539-17-7

ISBN volume 2: 978-83-63539-18-4

ISBN volume 3: 978-83-63539-19-1

ISBN box: 978-83-63539-16-0

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